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Nonprofit Partner Criteria


Seattle Works is a gatekeeper and connector of valuable resources and human capital, and that’s a big responsibility. We have gained clarity that the best way to honor this responsibility is to acknowledge and address race, power, and privilege in everything we do. We recognize that in order to create a more equitable and inclusive community, we need to start by addressing the most difficult social issues. Along these lines we are taking the opportunity to funnel Seattle Works Day people power to nonprofits meeting one or more of the following baseline criteria: 


  • Top paid leaderships positions and/or board executive officers or board committee chairpersons have more than one person that identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color (BIPOC) and your organization is actively recruiting and making pathways to develop and allow BIPOC leaders to thrive.      

  • The project request is intended to be intersectional in its approach and leave a positive impact on marginalized communities (e.g. helps to create a space that is more accessible for individuals with disabilities and/or will help to create more inclusive spaces for any marginalized populations).  

  • The organization is actively seeking the expertise from a BIPOC equity consultant to commit to shifting organizational culture to be equitable and inclusive of people that identify as BIPOC. 

  • The organization has documented plans to share resources, space, money, and/or power with BIPOC communities and/or marginalized populations.  


If your organization does not meet any of the requirements and/or desires to implement some of our suggested criteria, please see our resource map for some websites, trainings and consultants that we found extremely helpful in our journey as an organization.  


If your organization meets one or more of the criteria above and you're ready to submit a project proposal for Seattle Works Day, follow these instructions



  • BIPOC: A person that identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color 

  • Equity: A state, quality, or ideal of being fair that would be achieved if an individual and/or group was no longer oppressed by harmful policies, practices and cultural messages   

  • Gatekeeper: A person or institution that holds power  

  • Inclusion: Intentionally and genuinely sharing power and decision-making privileges with traditionally excluded individuals and/or groups   

  • Intersectional:  The multiple identities of social characterizations such as race, class, sexuality, and gender that overlap and symbolize systems of privilege and/or oppression  



Here is a set of resources from which we drew the glossary definitions and that have informed our antiracism work:  



Email us! We'll do our best to answer any questions you have!