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Board Networking Happy Hour

Want to learn about local nonprofits? Ready to find a place to begin or advance your board service? Check out Board Networking Happy Hour in the Fall! All graduates of The Bridge: Board Training are invited to attend this special night. We partner with board training programs across the city and invite nonprofits looking for board members and give Bridge grads the opportunity to talk, mingle, and potentially meet a match. Details are announced for Bridge grads in the summer.

If you'd like to review previous events, click here to download the 2017 program.

*If you are a Nonprofit interested in posting on this list, please go here.*

Board Listings

Unable to make it to Board Networking Happy Hour, but want to stay in the loop about current board openings? The list below features some of our partner organizations that are currently looking for board members to support their work. If you are a graduate of The Bridge: Board Training, you can click the links below to connect with representatives of these organizations and learn more about their board!

When you express interest in a board posting, you’ll be prompted to create a Seattle Works account or log-in to an existing account. We ask everyone to sign up for an account before registering for a volunteer opportunity, training or event. Having a Seattle Works account makes it easier for you to view your upcoming events and past event history. It helps us make sure you are receiving timely and relevant communications about the programs you are signed up for. Please contact with any questions about a Seattle Works account.

Current Openings:

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Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Camp Fire Central Puget Sound is looking for volunteers to serve on our board and help fulfill our mission of inspiring and enabling youth of all backgrounds and abilities to discover their spark, value the natural world, and become tomorrow’s leaders, today. Our Board is comprised of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds who are responsible for council policy, administration, strategic planning, financial stability and overall support of our programs. Though not required, we are especially looking for volunteers with backgrounds in marketing, fundraising, sales, architecture, construction, retail, restaurant/food service, IT and education. All volunteers should have a passion for working with youth and connecting them to the outdoors.

Seattle, WA

Capitol Hill Historical Society - Board Posting (Treasurer)

The Capitol Hill Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to gathering, preserving, and sharing the history of the communities that have shaped Capitol Hill. We are looking for an experienced and detail-oriented Treasurer to be responsible for tracking and documenting our financial progress. Responsibilities Reconcile bank statements and maintain Excel-based balance sheet. Manage Filings: Keep a calendar of filings, file IRS Form 990, 1099, and/or 1099-MISC, file state and city taxes. Obtain Licenses and Permits including state and city business licenses and any event permits if needed. Assist Development Officer with donation tax receipts. Assist E-commerce Manager with book sale financial records. Prepare annual budget. Prepare quarterly financial reports and present them to the board at board meetings. Attend additional board meetings when requested by the board. Manage payroll for freelance writing contributions (once per month) and possible occasional stipend payments. Organize digital financial records. Desired Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in finance or accounting or equivalent training plus a minimum of one year of relevant experience. Experience with non-profits and non-profit accounting. Knowledge of and interest in local history and historic preservation. Ability to work independently while staying connected to a team.

Seattle, WA

Phinney Neighborhood Association - Board Member

The Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA) is seeking candidates for its Board of Directors and we would love to hear from you. We are looking for community members who are passionate about the PNA’s mission to build community, and who are excited to envision and strategize organizational change/programmatic transformation to respond to the pandemic as well as our accelerated effort to become a more diverse and inclusive organization by bringing an equity lens to all that we do. We are looking for people with backgrounds in organizational change/change management toward diversity, equity and inclusion; law; nonprofit management; finance; and/or fundraising. The PNA needs board members who understand or have a lived experience that can inform our work in diversity, equity and inclusion. People of color and those representing the diversity of our community are encouraged to apply. Board members serve 1 to 3 year terms, starting in January, and generally spend 5 to 8 hours per month on board and committee business and supporting activities. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis; preference for the 2021 term will be given for candidates who apply by September 30, 2020. Start now by responding to this opportunity. During these times of distancing, meetings are virtual. We look forward to resuming in-person meetings when we can safely gather.

Seattle, WA

Photographic Center Northwest - Board Member

Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW) (PCNW) is an educational institution teaching people how to see. Through our 53-credit Certificate Program, classes and workshops; free exhibitions and public programs; and publicly accessible facilities where we teach the history and future of photography. We are currently seeking new Board of Trustee Members to join our community and support the growth of the organization. The Board of Trustees Provides: 1) Leadership and guidance in compliance with the mission and vision 2) Fiscal oversight of the organization with direction by the Executive Director 3) Financial support personally and through personal and professional networks 4) Visibility by serving as an ambassador of the organization What is the time commitment as a Board Member? Terms are three years, with the possibility of two term renewals for a potential maximum of nine consecutive years. The board meets approximately ten times a year on the first Tuesday of the month, which may be subject to change. Trustees are expected to attend the meetings in person or via other means, as well as interact with the institution and its constituents by attending openings, lectures, and the two major fundraisers annually. What is the financial commitment as a Board Member? A total minimum of approximately $5,000 annually—we ask board members to commit to a table at the October benefit (currently $2,500), $1,500 as a suggested minimum for an unrestricted gift, and $1,000 toward an experience at PCNW such as taking a class or workshop, participating in an event, or purchasing artwork through our gallery. What expertise or interests are you seeking in a Board Member? Organizationally we are currently seeking those with expertise in: Fundraising, Legal, Technology, Strategic Planning, and Capacity building / Capital Programmatically we also seek expertise in: Corporate Connections and Partnerships, Communications, and Marketing What benefits do Board Members receive? Access to an amazing community 50% off all gift memberships 50% discount on PCNW classes and workshops 10% discount on purchases of artwork (does not apply to annual fundraiser) Free attendance to lectures, panel discussions, openings First opportunity on all special paid patron events Visibility online, in public marketing materials, and on site Invitations to patron dinners and special events For additional information, please contact: William Holderman, Board Chair, at Terry Novak, Executive Director, at / 708-299-3046

Seattle, WA

The Common Acre Board Member

The Common Acre begins with the soil. Our mission is to restore relationships between people and the land through ecology, agriculture, and art. We reconnect humans with nature through the medium of food and seek to restore a living food system that feeds our minds and nourishes our communities. Our collaborative programs transform marginalized land into biodiverse pollinator habitat and community gardens, which in turn create space for inspirational cultural convenings. We also partner with scientists to improve our understanding of native pollinator ecosystems and feed that research back into our restoration work. We believe urban food systems are key to creating healthy communities. Food is more than what we eat: it’s a medium through which we can connect, both mentally and physically, to our neighbors and our surroundings. Our health comes from the soil, and the pollinators that complete the growing process. We bring people closer to their food and each other through a network of community farms and wild bee habitat projects. We're excited to be working responsively to the COVID-19 crisis with our 4 urban farms on public land! We are increasing production and produce donation impacts by partnering with Seattle Community Kitchen and developing pop-up contact free distribution events - in addition to continuing to work with our network of 6 partner food banks and meal programs. We're seeking dedicated board members who can commit to monthly (remote) meetings and take an active role in ad hoc committees as we work through this new strategy. We have a particular need for fundraising during this time. The annual ask from board members is $1000, either cash, in-kind or donations from people and organizations which the board member solicits. Special Skills: We are particularly seeking individuals who have the following lived or professional experience: representative of or connected to communities in South Seattle and King County Arts, design, culture Food systems Events production Fundraising LGBTQI+ Youth 18-21 Legal Contract negotiation

Seattle, WA

The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas - Board Member

The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas (BFI) believes that the power of words, well-written and well-spoken, can open doors to important opportunities. Since 2005, our free tutoring, writing, and publishing programs have prepared young people, ages 6 to 18, for a successful future by developing strong writing skills, championing diverse communication styles, and motivating them to share their stories. Since school closures, the need for BFI has been greater than ever. Many families of BFI kids have fewer resources for educating and engaging children at home. That, coupled with limited access to teachers, have put BFI kids at greater risk of losing out. Instead of closing our doors, we immediately began adapting our programs to give students learning opportunities through online gatherings and guided, at-home activities that fuel creativity and writing development. Our staff, board, and volunteers will continue to address the needs of under-served communities — a commitment we expect every new board member to share. The Role of BFI Board Members Honor our board governance model in overseeing the success of BFI Help shape the future of BFI by contributing to strategic direction and decision-making Support our financial well-being through budget monitoring and fundraising Fulfill their individual fundraising and donation commitments Take an active interest in the progress and achievements of BFI programs Support BFI staff by sharing their expertise and network of resources Attend key outreach, donor cultivation, and fundraising events Help promote the work of BFI to their friends family, and colleagues Board Member Profile We are looking for board members who can deepen the professional range and diversity of our hard-working board ( We are particularly interested in people experienced in: The law and legal matters Financial management and oversight Nonprofit leadership Connections to Northwest funding sources Involvement in diverse cultures and communities, especially those served by BFI Anything else that can help our programs reach a larger community of children BFI Board meetings are currently held virtually but normally alternate between in-person in our Greenwood Ave location and virtual.

Seattle, WA

Velocity Dance Center: Call for Board Members

Velocity is Seattle’s center dedicated to contemporary dance, and an essential incubator for new dance in our region. With artist-driven, community-responsive programming, Velocity provides vital resources and advocacy for one of the most active dance communities in the nation. Velocity’s programming includes classes, workshops, residencies, performances, discussions, and two annual international festivals. Velocity’s Board of Directors is composed of artists and arts advocates who combine a passion for the arts in our region with exceptional leadership skills. We are actively looking for new board members to advance the mission of the organization. Board members commit to making Velocity Dance Center one of their top volunteer commitments, so that you, board members, and staff realize the benefits of your skills, experience, talents and passion. Our commitment to you includes: making effective use of your time and expertise; providing timely and helpful responses to your information requests and concerns; clearly communicating our opportunities, challenges, and successes; and, introducing you to the vibrant dance community which we are honored to serve. Leaders with experience in organizational equity and diversity and in board governance are encouraged to submit an inquiry. While our organization is based in Seattle, we welcome inquiries from folx all over WA State, particularly if they have experience living / working in Seattle. Please visit our website for more information and to download a full prospectus. You may also submit an inquiry directly. Thank you for your interest!

Seattle, WA

Architects Without Borders Seattle - Board of Directors Leadership Opportunity

Architects Without Borders Seattle (AWBS) is seeking talented and passionate leaders to serve a two year term on our Board of Directors from January 2021 through December 2022. Diversity is crucial to the success of our mission to collaborate with underserved communities to deliver ecologically sensitive, culturally appropriate, life-changing design solutions in Seattle and around the world. We seek members who have ties or lived experience with underserved communities locally and/or internationally. Skills helpful to AWBS at this time include fundraising experience, international development experience, and financial expertise. About AWBS Founded in 2005 by a group of Seattle architects and designers in response to a devastating tsunami, Architects Without Borders Seattle is committed to providing pro bono services to build strong communities. AWBS is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. Volunteers are fundamental to our work as all our project work is completely volunteer led and assisted. AWBS’s one paid staff member is our Executive Director, who reports to the Board of Directors. AWBS Mission and Values AWBS volunteers collaborate with underserved communities to deliver ecologically sensitive, culturally appropriate, life-changing design. Core Values: Appropriate design solutions are vital to communities and the environment Collaborative long-term relationships with communities are essential to providing effective design assistance Exchange of knowledge and skills can empower both communities and designers Interdisciplinary teams create innovative and insightful projects Volunteer passion, energy, and efforts make our work possible Board of Directors Responsibilities AWBS Board members advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with leadership and general promotion of Architects Without Borders Seattle. Although board members are not directly responsible for project work, they assist the Project Committee with project leadership. Board members serve as ambassadors and guide the sustainability of the organization. Board members serve as advisors by: providing mission-focused guidance during potential project vetting, and to project teams, as needed mentoring new board members serving on one board committee to focus on specific parts of AWB’s mission and needs Board members serve as ambassadors by: reflecting the Mission and Core Values of the organization strengthening relationships between AWBS and the local community advancing AWBS’s mission and services supporting activities to develop funding for the organization Board members guide the sustainability of the organization by: understanding and adhering to the policies and procedures of AWBS developing organizational policy, and creating, reviewing, and evaluating organizational plans engaging in strategic planning to establish long and short-term goals and priorities overseeing personnel and staff accountability and development recognizing and avoiding conflicts of interest ensuring the organization’s fiscal stability by: becoming familiar with AWBS’s finances, budget, and financial/resource needs connecting AWBS with sponsors, donors, and other funding opportunities supporting AWBS financially with a personally meaningful gift through a monthly recurring donation, and/or donations at fundraising events, and/or donations at other times during the year Time Commitment AWBS Board members should commit in the range of 12-25 hours per month to AWBS, distributed between the monthly board meeting, events, and work related to the organization, as well as committee meetings. Each board member will participate and serve on at least one board committee, which aligns with their areas of expertise and interest. The board will engage in an annual retreat of approximately 6-8 hours, usually held on a weekend day in February. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the format of a retreat will likely change in 2021. As of March 2020, the board meets virtually via Zoom instead of the in-person meetings itemized below. In-person meetings will resume in the future when it is safe to do so. The board of directors meets monthly on the third Wednesday of the month, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. in downtown Seattle at our office at 1101 2nd Ave. Committee meetings generally take place once per month for 90 minutes in person or by phone. ard members are expected to attend at least three Projects Committee meetings each year (a monthly gathering of volunteer teams doing the inspiring work of the organization) Board members are expected to attend and participate in organization-wide events (e.g. the annual fundraiser, annual volunteer appreciation, etc.) One board term is two years long, with the option to continue serving on the board after the first term To apply for a position on the AWBS Board of Directors, please send the following to by 5:00pm, Monday, November 30th. A current resume with contact information to help us get to know you (a thorough LinkedIn or similar profile is also acceptable – we’re interested in content, not polish) A Statement of Interest replying specifically to board member responsibilities. Please consider the following questions as you compose your Statement of Interest: What prompted your interest in joining the AWBS Board? What do you know about AWBS, and what would you like to learn about us? What challenges, issues, or needs would you like to address as an AWBS Board member? What areas of expertise, special skills, training, or personal qualities do you feel would be most important to your work on the AWBS Board? What will be the biggest challenges in sharing your personal time, energy, and financial resources with AWBS? Are there any thoughts, questions, or concerns that may have come up while thinking about these questions that you would like to share with us? Interviews will be conducted in December with offers to join the board extended by mid-January.

Path with Art

Path with Art, a 501(c) (3) not-for profit organization in Seattle, WA is seeking new Board members to help lead the organization through expansion and exciting changes. Our mission statement describes the focus of our important work: Path with Art transforms the lives of people recovering from homelessness, addiction and other trauma by harnessing the power of creative engagement as a bridge to the community and a path to stability. Path with Art provides engagement in the visual arts, drama, music and dance to no to low income adults, working hard to reclaim their lives. We have successfully shifted our model at this time, by providing tablets and instructing remotely, to keep our students connected, prevent isolation, teach effectively and help people feel whole. Our students are referred to us by over 20 Seattle area Social Service partners, partners such at Plymouth Housing, the YMCA, and Recovery Café, to name a few. In more “normal” times, we work with 25 local arts organizations, to give participants direct access to exhibits and performances; we also provide meaningful opportunities for our student to perform and exhibit their own work. We are growing exponentially, currently servicing close to 600 students and seen as a model for healing internationally. More information is available on our website, The Board of Directors governs the organization, providing, oversight of its operations and stewardship of its assets. It ensure that the organization serves its mission, and runs effectively, legally and ethically. Board Members are asked to commit to the following: Two year renewable term Attendance at 6-8 Board meetings per year (Teleconference at this time) Service on a committee, special project or task force Willingness to advocate on behalf of the organization to their personal and/or professional contacts Cultivation of new donors, board members and key influencers Participation in professional development training, board retreat, performances and key fundraisers Annual financial contribution based on personal capacity The most important qualification is a strong interest in the mission and commitment to advance the organization. We especially seek board members from diverse communities to help us ensure that programs are inclusive and welcoming to people from all cultures and backgrounds. Creativity welcomed!

Perinatal Support Washington

Perinatal Support Washington (PS-WA) is a statewide non-profit committed to shining a light on perinatal mental health to support all families and communities. We believe all parents should receive appropriate, timely, and culturally relevant care from conception to baby's first birthday. Our toll-free telephone support "Warm Line" has been operating since 1991, providing peer support to parents in need. We partner with local organizations to provide free and low-cost new parent support groups, create or expand perinatal mental health programs, and advocate for change in Washington State. In 2019, we trained over 1,000 health care providers in identification, assessment, and treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. We do all of this with the help of our dedicated staff, board members, and dozens of volunteers. We envision a world that fully supports the emotional health of parents - making our families, communities, and care systems stronger. We’re seeking individuals who: Have one or more of the following skills: Fundraising PR & Branding Legal Government Relations & Policy Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Bring the following perspectives: Dads & LGBTQIA+ partners Diverse racial or ethnic backgrounds Diverse socio-economic backgrounds Residency in Central or Eastern WA Responsibilities of Board Members Each board member is expected to: know and evaluate our mission, goals, policies, programs, strengths, and needs leverage connections and networks to secure the resources and partnerships necessary to advance our mission serve as active advocates and ambassadors to increase our fundraising and awareness efforts participate in strategic and organizational planning give a personally meaningful financial donation read and understand our financial statements and annual budget prepare for, attend, and participate in bimonthly board meetings participate fully in bimonthly meetings of one committee (Finance & Fundraising, Governance, or Strategic Planning) Interested in learning more? Contact Executive Director Allie Johnson