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Equity at Seattle Works

Seattle Works is striving to build a diverse and welcoming community through focusing on equity in all aspects of our work. While we are working to incorporate equity in all parts of our organization, we have grouped our resources and initiatives in one place on our website to make them easier for people to find and access.


2019-2021 Strategic Plan:  A Letter from our Executive Director and Board President

The goals in our 2019-2021 strategic plan show how we are acknowledging and addressing race, power, and privilege, both in our organization and in our community. Our goals touch all aspects of our organization, from our staff’s decision-making processes, to how representative our own board is, to how we’re using our social media voice, thanking donors, educating program participants, and showing up and learning from local coalitions.

Click here to see our 2019-2021 goals and click here to read reflections on our anti-racism work by Executive Director Ben Reuler.


Full Impact: BIPOC Link-up

Promote positive well-being for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) in a safe space for to connect, build community, share resources, discuss racial equity, & make an impact! For more information and to RSVP, visit the Full Impact page here!


The Bridge: Board Training

Check-out our video about diversity in board leadership:


Racial Grievance Policy

Seattle Works is building an anti-racist culture of belonging, where people can show up being their true selves, and accountability and is working to model anti-racist practices in our institutional and personal behavior. The racial grievance policy is to support people of color to feel safe in the Seattle Works community and to actively address and interrupt microaggressions, harassment, racial discrimination, and other racial misconduct. Our racial grievance policy is grounded in the lived experiences of people of color and our commitment to addressing and reducing racial grievances in our community. Seattle Works’ culture is growing to be truly more representative, so people of color in our community have organizational support and feel safe. 

This policy applies to all people who are a part of the Seattle Works community, including but not limited to:  staff, board, volunteers, donors, and nonprofit and corporate partners. View the policy and reporting form here.