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Motivate, Inspire, and Engage your team through a Seattle Works Partnership!

Local experts in volunteerism, leadership development and community engagement, Seattle Works gets your employees connected. Volunteerism is more important than ever- it is proven to be a factor in employee engagement, retention and recruitment. It helps bring together workers from different generations and is the number one thing milenials complain about.

Seattle Works has been building relationships for the last 26 years with over 300 nonprofit partners. We make sure that your team is filling critical community needs while getting to know each other and having fun. We work with you to be sure that each dollar you spend goes to supporting nonprofits, local suppliers and community initiatives. 
As experienced event planners we take the work off of your shoulders so all you have to do is show up! At the same time, our long-standing relationships with nonprofits allow us to create and execute projects that they wouldn't be able to handle on their own- from re-mulching a playground to building a whole new community garden- we bridge the gaps between enthusiasm and need.

Custom Volunteer Projects
Seattle Works offers expertise in community service to businesses by creating customized, hands-on group volunteer projects that compliment team building, leadership development, recruitment and philanthropic initiatives.


The Bridge: Board Training

Board leadership allows employees to take on leadership roles, use their skills and learn new things through service. Seattle Works has been training leaders in nonprofit and government service for over a decade. 


Seattle Works Day | June 2020
Sign your team up for a day of service and fun! In the morning your team will work hard at a volunteer site helping plant native trees, building baby goat shelters or maintaining bicycles for people with disabilities. Then we'll all get together afterwards for a celebration of food, drinks and games! Seattle Works Day Sponsorship Opportunities.


Interested in engaging your team in a variety of the options above? Want to get your PR team involved in branding on Seattle Works Day t-shirts, the SW website and more? Sponsorship might be the thing for you! We'll collaborate with all your departments in order to make sure you get the most out of your donations in terms of visibility, experience and fun!
Contact us: lead[at]seattleworks[dot]org or 206.324.0808 x1 for more information on partnerships.

At Seattle Works we strive to build a diverse and welcoming community through focus on equity in all aspects of our work. As part of this work, we expect and encourage our partners to work with us to make sure volunteering is accessible and welcoming for everyone. To learn more about our goals, please visit our Equity page. If you have experienced harassment, micro- aggressions, racial discrimination or other racial misconduct at a Seattle Works event, please hold us accountable via our Racial Grievance Reporting Form.