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Research from your Couch to Help Immigrants and Refugees (virtual opportunity)

WAISN (Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network) has transitioned their bilingual (Span/ Eng) phone hotline to a COVID-19 response hotline. The first day the hotline was active was 3/30 and they got over 500 calls! Many callers don't have access to internet or aren't able to access English-only resources. It is essentail for hotline volunteers to be able to find accurate information quickly for callers. WAISN has taken on the task of creating a seachable COVID-19 database for hotline staff to be able to find the information they need quickly. What that means, is that we need to take all of the existing lists and resources and enter them into the database. Additonally, as more people start calling we'll be doing targeted research to make sure we have resources for all services and locations in the state. We need your help to upload and research resources! 1 hour of your time could give 1000's of callers access to badly needed resources. You can commit to one assignment or many! It's up to you and you can do the research from your couch. Once you sign up as a volunteer, someone will follow up with an assignment to get you started.



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