Mission,Vision and Core Values

Seattle Works connects volunteers, develops leaders, and builds community.

We're best known for:
  • Volunteering with Seattle Works helps individuals establish or deepen roots in the community and serve as leaders.

  • Our nonprofit partners connect with new volunteers and get important projects accomplished; the nonprofits also tap into a pool of talented, intelligent and committed board members.

  • Partnering with Seattle Works helps corporations attract and retain talent by providing meaningful opportunities for employees to volunteer, hone their skills and build strong teams.

From volunteer projects to classes to conversations, we're here to get you connected!


Our Vision

A thriving community of actively engaged individuals.


We are building a diverse, welcoming community.

We make decisions that are objective and mindful.

We believe that every contribution counts.

We see the best in people.

We have fun.


Strategic Plan

Check out our current strategic plan!